The snobby seediness of it all…sometimes

So if you haven’t noticed by now you still will… the world of running can sometimes be a click’y place. Groups of similar minded elites, veterans, haulers, trail’ies etc sometimes glare discomforting at the rest of us norms, filling up the field and seeding pens. Are we discouraged? Oh hell no.
So here’s my two cents on this. Is it really necessary for them to be like that, offcourse not! By all means, your label, wether you have earned it by default due to using some sort of kit or natural talent, is not entirely your fault, but you still choose to be there and as a fact behave the way you do.
In comes the contrast. A green apple is only green because you get red ones. And thus a running snob is only a running snob because there are these great, overly talented supper runners that even though they are brilliant at their trade embrace you in conversation, motivate and even help you through those rough race miles. As mentioned in Born to Run (like you haven’t read it) that awesome guy Emil Zátopek, who helped the other runner break their own national record over the first 21 of the marathon before going on and winning the race, is by all means the best example of all.
So why are there running snobs? The same reason we call it a race and not a trot, we are competitive. We, normal running folk, have just come to realise that unless you’re running a sub 2h 11 min marathon, you are with us and as us, in need of enjoyment through running.
There is however a group of runners that I personally don’t like that much. They, as ladled by myself, are known as the flash in the pans. Bet you, you know one. They are supper “trainers” and sometimes make you feel guilty for not running a total of 90 kilometers, as themselves, that week. Yet when asked if they will be doing that half-, full- or Ultra Marathon, they always have an excuse. They also have all the gear in multitude. Found in their closets are lots of shoes for almost any route or terrain and in various colours. “Bragging rights” on their super expensive running computer GPS devices pinpointing there every pont and foot placement will sneak its way into any conversation. Yet they don’t do races and should you ask why, then its something silly like their running partner is injured and before you know they stopped running to focus more on their CrossFit career…
How do you avoid becoming a running snob? Run because you love it and the way it makes you feel. Run because you can and always will. Run because it comes so naturally that when you don’t you miss it. Run because you’re a runner, and runners run with other runners, fast, slow, experienced, sponsored, record breakers alike. And then offcourse like in my case, run until your toenails fall off and then run some more… To this to my toenails I say I am sorry.
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The interstellar big bang about how and when you become a runner

Just like I despise bad films, I absolutely love a smart intelligent entertaining movie. You end up watching them for the second time knowing the plot and all of a sudden you pick up things you never knew…those aahhaa moments. So it would come as no shock that I absolutely love Christopher Nolan’s work.
Inception was mind-blowing and the Batman trilogy was spectacular. Interstellar however, was just difficult to stomach. My wife is a scientist and even with her love of Big Bang Theory reruns and some understanding of string theory, some of the concepts applied in the movie are just too much… So what has this got to do with running? Im a bout to prove to you that there is very little space in running for motivation and I will attempt to do it somewhat scientifically.
To start lets define motivation. Definition ala Google: Motivation “a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way” At this point I will admit that most runners have a certain motivation as to getting into running. “I need to go for at least 5km” or “Why won’t this jean fit f@*%!” But after all that… why do you keep running?
You see a motivation is only as strong as the need to for full its goal, yet after your goal is reached your hooked on running, and this is where Im about to prove my point. Just like the explanation of time in Interstellar: motivation is relative yet linear (I know que laughing) Motivation is the same like time needs something on the other end of the =.It can however be constant and repetitive: motivation=5km=motivation=10km=motivation ETC, but as soon as there is nothing on the other end of the equal sign it seises to exist. (Oh my science teacher would have graded me a solid fail)
Applied into running something else happens. The linear appearance somehow morphs into a circular shape dropping the equation and leaving out motivation. Thus I end up running without motivation, I end up running not because of any other reason but the fact that I love to run… I become a runner.
O yes… the Ultra I did 2 weeks ago has taken its toll and I have lost my right big toenail. To my toenails I say sorry.
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In the beginning there was 10

I must admit that I thought it to be a certain degree impossible if not improbable. Not so much the action or effort of running, but the thought of being a runner. The thing that got me was the sheerness of distance. You see it all started when my wife decided to do a well known 5km in Cape Town known as the Gun Run. Without sounding too much of a stuck record or cliché, yes, at the time I was overweight, overworked and pretty much over all that shit. Yet I gave in and said yes thinking it would be nice to see what all the fuss was about. As a background draft you must know that I am all not a runner build or bred. Rugby playing big at 6ft 4, averaging 100kg and claim to fame being more of throwing weights around like the Hulk rather than stepping fast and far like the Flash… I will never be built for running. Still I found it appealing. Going around the bend towards the parking garages of the V&A Waterfront we were met by a mass of runners on the opsitte side of the road. Sleek barely sweaty smiles wore numbers reading 21.1km on them. Crazy idiots I muttered associating that amount of distance as sheer stupidity and if not impossible highly improbably for myself… at that time. Thus I have decided to do this blog thingy. As a historic record and guideline filled with mishaps, victories blood sweat and even some tears. This is by no means an instruction manual or hitchhikers guide, merely an Ode to what in the begin, there was ten. Back at the first Gun Run a 5km run was tuff yet now two years later I completed my first Ultra Marathon… And you might have heard this before, but shit if I can than you can too. So follow my adventures through hills and over tar, through being attacked by flying dogs and falling gees, jumping over man holes and falling over others. To my toenails I say sorry. This IS AN ODE TO MY TOENAILS. Current attached 8, 2 dead